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Mackenzie Miles and her sexy girlfriends just can’t help but attack their teacher in the classroom when he starts talking to them about romantic poetry. He should have known better than to tease them with romance but who could blame him with such sexy babes?

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It doesn’t take long before their teacher is stripped out of his trousers and has his fat cock out and slipped in to those girls mouths! Take a look as Mackenzie Miles and her girls sucking and licking and getting that big dick rock hard and getting him ready for action!

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Things don’t show any signs of slowing down as Mackenzie Miles and her girlfriends take turns sharing that cock! Watch them pass that dick around and lap at him hard feeling his dick throbbing and aching to cum deep inside their warm wet lips!

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Finally the girls get just what they want as they pump the cum right out of that cock and Mackenzie Miles and each of her friends take a turn sucking the cum right out of that dick!

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